REMEZA BANGLADESH is a trusted and respected supplier of high quality air compressor, Refrigerant Dryer, Waste Recycling Machine & Compressors Spare parts on time delivery and strong after Sales service.

01. Air Compressor-Germany
02. Refrigerant Dryer-Germany
03. Air treatment all items- Germany
04. Compressor Spare parts-Germany
05. Waste Recycling Machine-China

We offer full service support on a full range of energy efficient air compressors such as, oil injected oil free piston type, rotary screw type fixed & variable speed air compressors, Scroll type air compressors. Low pressure air compressor, high pressure air compressor & portable air compressor .

Our focus is high quality product line with highly experienced technical teams who are there for our customers support. High standards a manufacturing insure are customers satisfaction level remain in highest regards. The extensive product line allows customers to choose the precise product manufactured by Remeza according to their specific requirement, enabling maximum efficiency and reliability. 

Our vision:

Remeza Bangladesh understands customer needs and offers solution by advanced technology for every level of industry. We are the solution to all companies receiving support through partnership and technical assistance, while keeping the highest level of customer satisfaction, environmental sensitivities, producing the best solutions. Providing total satisfaction by supplying the best solution high standard of quality. Moving forward and serves solutions to the customers with quality and best delivery terms. 

Our Quality Policy:

Remeza Bangladesh offering high quality products and services to acquire unlimited business customer satisfaction and supplying superior compressed air products that create a sustainable solution for our distribution partners and our customers with full technical and after sales support from a team that care. products to ensure optimum energy savings in all aspects of compressed air and commissioned as a complete supplied as a minimum configuration, based on your needs.